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About Us



The company, Connect People to People, is led by Buttons Heyns, Cello Baas and Dave
Hammond. Each bring their own expertise to the company, with a vast experience in
sports, culinary arts, marketing, events and governance thereof. The company, known
as CPTP, is implementing their experience in organizing Events and Team Building by
combining and implementing the individual thinking preferences of CPTP, we bring you a whole-brain team, that can execute your requirements. Three simple rules we live by:

  • Together We Can!
  • If not now, when?
  • If not us, who?

This is Us Connect People To People

What do you get when you combine a military operator with a professional athlete and a top chef & entrepreneur?
You get vision, understanding, clarity, great food and adaptability.

In other words, you get a great team to work with.

Fresh ideas

Connect People To People is full of fresh ideas and innovations. Always one step ahead and always seeking for new propositions.

Out of the Box

Connect People To People uses creative thinking that moves away in diverging directions so as to involve a variety of aspects and which lead to great ideas and solutions.

Always available

We will go the extra mile to make sure every box is ticked and our client is 100% satisfied.



  • Chairmen of Continental Technical Commission of Inline Hockey of World Skate Africa
  • Owner/ Chairmen of PGKA Warriors Inline Hockey Club
  • COO of PGKA (Pama Golden Knights Academy)
  • Owner/ CEO GH Sports
  • PRO for NIIHA (Namibia Ice and Inline Hockey Association)
  • Founder of Africa Cup Inline Hockey Tournament
  • 4 X World Champion
  • Ted X Speaker (How to be Awesome)
  • 10 Years motivational and public speaker experience
  • Former Trustee of Destination Swakopmund
  • Spent 5 Years (2014-2019) Head of Sport, Marketing and Sales for The Dome

Dave is a founding partner of the Team Building, Events Hosting and Conferencing company, Connect People to People that operates across Namibia. Dave was born and raised in Orange County, California. At the age of 16 he moved to Canada to pursue his ice hockey career, which lead him to become a National team player for Canada’s Inline Hockey Team in 2006. His years of experience coaching and playing hockey have served him well. Dave has played in 20 World Championships with Team Canada and has been fortunate enough to be named Captain 12 times, Assistant Captain 6 times and currently the leader in goals, assists, points, tied for most games played while representing his country at IIHF, FIRS, World Games and Roller Games. In 2008 he won Division 1 and in 2012 and 2015 he won the World Championships as a player. In 2016 he won the World Championships as the Head Coach of Women’s Team Canada. Over the years Dave has accumulated 3 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze medals as a player.

When Dave is not playing hockey, you can find him heavily involved in the Events scene throughout Namibia. Dave is married to Trish, a Namibian, and the couple has four daughters.


Future Objectives:

One of Dave’s major future objectives with work is to contribute to Namibian Sport development and through this, put Namibia on the map worldwide.  As well as share his knowledge through training and mentoring the youth. His future objectives for hockey are to help better develop the sport in Africa. To provide opportunities for more people by offering his expertise and creating opportunities.

  • Degree: BA Physical Education (University of Pretoria) (Human Science Movement and Psychology)
  • Adventure Experiential Learning Facilitator
  • Whole Brain Team Facilitator
  • Associated with Team Building Institute of South Africa
  • Experienced Manager in Multi-Cultural International Companies/Organisations
  • 10 Years’ Experience in Turn Around Strategies of struggling companies in high risk environments
  • Former National Coach for the South African Tug of War Team
  • Interim Tug of War Namibia Chairman
  • Operations Manager, The Dome, Swakopmund 2013-2019

Francois Heyns (Buttons) is a founding partner of the Team Building, Events Hosting and Conferencing company, Connect People to People that operates across Namibia. As a former senior officer in the Military he uses his skills and knowledge to formulate strategies and creates team dynamics to make sure his Team Building events are educational and have the maximum impact for clients and employees alike.

After six years in the military and serving in various Command posts Buttons was selected as the Private Secretary to the Minister of Defense of South Africa. During this period, he was part of a group advising the Minister on United Nations Resolution 435 for the Independence of Namibia.  With his work in diplomacy, military leadership and training with the Team Building Institute of Southern Africa, few understand the value and effectiveness team building and communication as he does.

In 2003 he was lured into the Private Security Business in The Middle East, where he managed major security contracts for a reputable British Firm concentrating in oil facilities protection and security detail for United States Army Corp Of Engineers. (Department of Defense Reconstruction clients.) In 2008 Buttons was appointed as Country Director for Safenet Group Middle East, where the company had major contracts with USAID funded reconstruction and development projects.

Buttons joined the Swakopmund Indoor Sport Centre (The Dome) in 2012/2013 where his knowledge and experience helped set the foundation of the company as a Namibian landmark.

Buttons is a keen sportsman and has competed on the highest level. Tug of War is a sport close to his heart and he is currently developing the sport in Namibia. Buttons used to coach the South African National Team and also competed on International Level.

Marcel Baas (Cello) loves food, food culture and anything involving that.

Cello loves the idea of food connecting people and enjoy the social aspect to it. Few other hobbies are sports, involved in Inline hockey (Representing Namibia for 10 years), football and enjoy most team sports.

Cello’s career as a Chef started way back when he used to spend time with his grandmother cooking, and her passion inspired him to such an extent that he pursued a career with this.

in 2010 Cello graduated with Diplomas in Culinary arts, Advanced culinary, Patisserie, and Food preparation from Zevenwacht Chef School.

During his studies Bertus Basson selected him to work for him. Bertus was a major mentor in his career not only because of his cooking skill but as an entrepreneur as well. Cello worked for Bertus for a year after which he was privileged to work for Henrico Grobelaar, currently Executive Chef at Hotel Sky in Cape Town, for another year.

On returning back home he was approached to consult for the amazing and super unique restaurant, Jetty 1905. This was such a fun journey and challenge that he decided to start up his own business.

Cello and a colleague at the time then began the journey and thus Three Namigos was born.

From this concept Dragon Box (eastern food takeaway) and Bits and Pizzas, Erich’s Fine Dining and the Royal Bull Restaurant became a reality. Cello has also catered for many VIP’s, notably the cast of Mad Max and The Mummy and other movie celebrities during their filming in Namibia.

Since 2019 Cello also did great work for Connect People to People (Events Team Building and Conferencing) cc. The most memorable and biggest event was in February 2020 when Cello and his team had to cater for ESAAG (Eastern Southern African Auditors Generals) 27th International Annual Conference consisting of 1200 people over 3 days. His team did a stellar job.

Cello joined the Connect People to People team in 2021 and his knowledge and passion for catering adds another dimension to the CPTP package.

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